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The Local Configuration Manager is responsible for enacting and parsing configurations which are sent to the node. Similar to adding new replicates, we will see that DSC does the minimum computation needed to augment the benchmark with the Winsorized mean method. Another commonly used approach to estimate a population mean is the “Winsorized” estimator; this approach is more robust to unusually large and unusually small values because top and bottom value are trimmed. Here we use the Winsorized mean implemented in the psych package. Each module in this example involves only one line of R code . Material used, including the DSC file, can be found in the “one sample location” DSC vignette.

If you would like to try DSC for yourself, follow the installation instructions to download and set up DSC on your computer. Then return to the introductory tutorial and try implementing the example on your computer. DSC helps execute such comparisons in an organized and reproducible way, and provides convenient ways to query the results.

This is a working example—optionally, you may install DSC, and try running this example DSC program as you read through the tutorial. For more details, consult the README in the “one sample location” DSC vignette. You’ll see that a file ending with .checksum is now in the Configuration directory.

  • All source code needed to define the DSC is given in a single text file, first_investigation.dsc.
  • The results of a DSC experiment can be conveniently loaded into a data frame in R, and the results can be examined using standard tools and packages in R.
  • When run from the pull server, this script connects to our server node, essentially telling the node where to look for its configuration and that it’s ok to use HTTP for the communication.

The cmdlet returned False, which means the server state does not match the configuration. Here the destination server is Win2k16, You can pass the multiple nodes in an array or loop as well.


Each configured instance needs its own unique name, as the name is used as a key when converting into the MOF file. Every component you configure will have an Ensure property, which can have the value of either Present or Absent. When you want to make sure the component exists, you specify Present. If you do not want the component on the machine, you specify Absent. For this example, we want to make sure the components are installed on the server, so we have specified Present for all of them.

dsc tutorial

All source code needed to define the DSC is given in a single text file, first_investigation.dsc. DSC provides a flexible and easy-to-use language to manage and run benchmarks like these, as well as more complex ones. The modular design of DSC makes it easy to extend benchmarks (e.g., by defining a new analyze module)—hence the Dynamic in Dynamic Statistical Comparisons. In DSC, each different way of implementing a step is expressed as a “module”. A “group of modules” defines the collection of alternative implementations of a step.

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However, coming from experience, I’ve yet to encounter any problems with these resources. DSC is a big topic, and I highly encourage you to check out thisTechNet article on the Windows PowerShell DSC Overview. This will give you a good start, but there is plenty of great information out there on this topic. If you’re new to DSC, you should first learn the basics before setting up your own pull server.

dsc tutorial

This time its name isn’t localhost but rather the name of the server we’d like to apply this configuration to. The MOF file generated is always the name of the Node inside the Configuration block. Now that the pull server is set up correctly, you can deploy your first configuration to a node. To do this, create another configuration on your pull server. But this time, we’re going to create it for another server on the network. PowerShell DSC is an Infrastructure as Code technology that uses PowerShell to create Managed Object Format files, which Windows Management Instrumentation can use to configure a machine.

In this tutorial, we will demonstrate the R interface, which provides a convenient way of reading the DSC results into a data frame in R. We also provide a command-line tool, dsc-query, which is demonstrated in other tutorials. Now that our configuration is set up, we need to configure our test server to point to our new pull server. To do this, we need to run another script on the pull server.

In this tutorial, you will get acquainted with the basic features of DSC through a simple example. This tutorial only explains the basic features at a high level. If you prefer to begin with a more precise overview of DSC concepts, see DSC Basics, Part I. The DSC-MRI package provides a Bayesian modelling tool for quantification of perfusion and other haemodynamic parameters from Dynamic Susceptibility Contrast perfusion MRI of the brain. How to tag the location information on the images You can record the location information on the images. The location information can be acquired via a smartphone.

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From this summary, we see that 155 new jobs are executed in this DSC run, and 140 module outputs are unchanged from the previous run, and therefore did not need to be generated again. Although the benefit is not particularly noticeable for this toy example, avoiding unnecessary computations can yield a huge payoff when running complex analyses or when working with very large data sets. After it’s renamed, the MOF file then needs to be copied to the DscService\Configuration directory on the pull server to be retrieved by our target server. Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration is a technology introduced in Windows PowerShell v4.0. DSC sets out to save the IT professional time by essentially building scripts ahead of time.

dsc tutorial

Pull – managed computers connect to a file server , download and apply settings on their own. Pull DSC configuration is based on a special IIS-based AppPool. This file stores the configuration for that node and every time you run this configuration file, it makes sure that the node should be in the desired state. Once we have the configuration in memory, we first need to compile the configuration to push it on the remote server. To compile the configuration, we need to run that configuration and it will generate the Managed Object Format file for each node.

Testing the Node configuration

Whether less or more heat must flow to the sample depends on whether the process is exothermic or endothermic. For example, as a solid sample melts to a liquid, it will require more heat flowing to the sample to increase its temperature at the same rate as the reference. This is due to the absorption of heat by the sample as it undergoes the endothermic phase transition from solid to liquid. Likewise, as the sample undergoes exothermic processes less heat is required to raise the sample temperature.

These are modules that the team builds which enable you to change various configuration items on a machine. As a naming convention, the PowerShell ASP NET Core vs Node js: What Should You Choose? team prepends each DSC resource with anxmeaningexperimental. This means the resource implies no support and, essentially, use at your own risk.

R. Monaselidze in 1964 at Institute of Physics in Tbilisi, Georgia. The term DSC was coined to describe this instrument, which measures energy directly and allows precise measurements of heat capacity. Next, we will read the results into R using the dscquery function from the dscrutils package. To do so, change the working directory in R to the location of the first_investigation.dsc file.

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